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Mamak Style Grilled Lamb Feet Soup

Mamak Style Grilled Lamb Feet Soup

A few weeks back, we were talking about missing a good bowl of Penang Mamak style soup, the flavorful thick hearty kind that you mop up with thick slices of 'Roti Bengali', the perfect comfort meal, the other day the lady I was talking to 'challenged' me to recreate the dish using Athene Spices.

Working from taste-memory, a few tweaks and hacks, and with the image of my late grandma Tok Nani bent over, grilling the lamb feet (did you know they are called hooves too?!) over charcoal fire helped me put this together.

I cheated a bit, used the pressure cooker and gas stove instead of charcoal grilling - charcoal seems to be a rare commodity during the first couple of rounds of MCO.

I wouldn't say that it's Padang Brown (or Padang Broom how true-blue Penangites call it) worthy yet, but the grand QC master gave it thumbs up.IMG_20200626_155011_801.jpg

So the secret? The combination of Garam Masala and Hadhrami Mandi spices, with fresh green chilies & coriander (roots and all) and... ground cornmeal to thicken the soup and give it that unique flavor!
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