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Pestle and Mortar

Pestle and Mortar
Pestle and mortar, used to prepare ingredients by crushing and grinding them into a paste or powder must be one of the most important kitchen utensil on kitchens around the world. Ancient pestle and mortar has been found dating an far as 35000 BC making it one of the oldest kitchen utensil.

Today, it is still a very important item in kitchens all around the world. From as simple as smashing garlic on crushing dry spices into powder to bring out the best of it's flavor to making magical concoction of herb, spice, fruit plus other ingredients into paste and condiment such as chili and curry paste, dipping sauce, hummus, pesto and guacamole.

Made of various material such as granite, hard wood, metal and ceramic, a pestle and mortar gently crushes the ingredient instead of chopping and cutting. The action releases oil and flavor from the ingredients, as it blends with the other ingredients, giving paste made with it far more superior flavor and fragrance that can't be matched by modern food processor.

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