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Ramadan Gift Boxes

Ramadan this year will surely be different as we all do our part staying home to stay safe and break the Covid- 19 chain. There won't be any breaking fast together with friends and family at home or the many Ramadan buffets that restaurants and hotels have to offer.

However, the spirit of giving and sharing remains even though we are all far apart. "Jauh Di Mata Dekat Di Hati" -  Send a gift of Athene Spices to remind your friends and loved ones that they are always on your mind and how special they are to you.

This year we are collaborating with Inayu Global to bring you our bestselling artisan spices with the finest basmathi rice from the land of Punjab, in an array of beautifully curated gift boxes. We also have made easy- to-choose set spice gift boxes for you gift. And best of all, they are all priced below RM100! Custom order available upon request.

All gift boxes also include gift tags (to say who it’s from) and free courier within Peninsular Malaysia.