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Mystical Far East Gift Box

RM 69.00

Recreate the famous Uyghur street-style grilled meat at home with Xinjiang Chuan'r, garnish your ramen, rice or fried food with Shichimi Togarashi for the perfect party of flavors in each bite and season your dishes with Ginger Garlic Salt for the perfect far east taste. Great for foodie, home cook and gourmet chef alike.

In the spirit of giving and sharing remains even though we are all far apart. "Jauh Di Mata Dekat Di Hati" -  Send a gift of Athene Spices to remind your friends and loved ones that they are always on your mind and how special they are to you.

All gift boxes also include gift tags (to say who it’s from) and free courier within Peninsular Malaysia. 

*Please write your message in the 'Remark'.