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Persian Advieh

RM 25.00

Advieh, the aromatic Persian spice blend is fragrant & gently warming, with layers of extraordinary aromas. The spice is sweet, savory and tart. It’s great for rice, meat, poultry & stew dishes. Our blend of Advieh, suitable for both rice & stew creates comforting, delicious meals, just like grandma’s cooking. 

Use Advieh in making Persian dishes such as Khoresht, Polow, Abgoosht, kebab and Ash-e. Perfect as dry rub or marinade on meats and seafood. try sprinkling on salads, veggies, pasta, eggs & desserts to take the dish to the next level.

The uses of the Athene Spices are only limited by your imagination. So imagine away, tease and tantalize your taste buds.