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Athene Spices was founded to explore new flavors and hard-to-find spices from around the world. As people expand their culinary horizons, Athene Spices aims to source the best quality and freshest herbs and spices for authentic ethnic and creative cooking. All Athene Spices products are manufactured by Athene Spice Lab (PG 0336669-M), in Penang, Malaysia.

Athene Spices offers a wide range of artisanal spice salts, blends and rubs which are carefully designed and created for chefs and home cooks to make delicious and exciting gourmet style dishes which are easy to prepare. These spices are perfect for fusion style cuisine; authentic ethnic and creative cooking can now be recreated in your kitchen quickly and without much hassle. 

Athene Spices spice blends don't skimp on high-end ingredients. There are no fillers, preservatives or artificial additives and uses natural sea salt low salt. Our high-quality plant & mineral based ingredients are hand selected, mixed, ground and packed in small batches to ensure freshness, quality and perfection. 

Ethnic spice blends such as Moroccan Ras el Hanout, Tunisian Harissa, Shichimi Togarashi, Xinjiang Chuan’r and Garam Masala are researched for historical and cultural clues to produce authentic version of the blend, often requiring exotic ingredients. As our spice range grows, we are adding new flavors, especially those hard to make blends, one of our latest spice blends is the much sought after Malaysian flavor, the Peranakan Nyonya Inche Kabin.

In an effort to promote locally grown spices, Athene Spices uses some of the best locally farmed spices such as freshly sun-dried nutmeg from the orchards of Sungai Ara and Balik Pulau in Penang and the much sought-after Sarawak black and white peppers to compliment the premium herbs and spices sourced from all over the world 

We have now expanded our businesses to cater for food service such as restaurants, hotels, food trucks and cafes. We also accept special orders of custom blends for contract manufacturing for businesses, both local and international. We are also excited that some of the custom created Athene Spices available at the top tourist spots around Malaysia are fast becoming top sellers, such as the Masala Chai and Cardamom Coffee.

Athene Spice Lab was awarded the MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) ‘Excellence Award for Future Exporter’ in 2016 and we are in the process of acquiring our JAKIM Halal certification.