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Hadhrami Mandi

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Hadhrami Mandi, is aromatic and delicious Yemeni dish. Mandi is popular in all Arab countries where the rice is cooked with lamb or chicken with herb and spices. The dish is very aromatic and full of flavor, yet not heavily spiced. Our Hadhrami Mandi spice mix are made with over a dozen different spices, including saffron. 

Add a wonderful Middle Eastern flavor to your dish with this spice mix. Also works well for kofta or kebab and steak, lamb, poultry or vegetable grills 

The uses of the Athene Spices are only limited by your imagination. So imagine away, tease and tantalize your tastebuds.

How to use

Prepare meat using our Hadhrami Mandi mix according to your favorite Mandi recipe or use it in any other Middle Eastern meat, poultry, seafood or rice dishes.

The rice is usually cooked in stock made with marinated meat or chicken, made full of flavor from both the meat and spices used as well as having the meat infused with herbs and spices. The meat is later oven grill to further enhance the flavor. This is also a very healthy dish, as no additional oil are required in it's preparation.

Traditionally cooked in earthen oven underground to maintain the juiciness and 'dewy' texture of the meat, many recipes have now been tweaked to suit modern kitchen while still maintaining the unique flavor and texture of the dish.

While many always believe that cooking Mandi Rice is complicated and time coming, it's been proven that it's one of the easiest pilaf style dish to make, especially with Hadhrami Mandi from Athene Spices.

Store in a cool, dry place.