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Wuxiang Five Spice

Wuxiang Five Spice

RM 25.00

Wuxiang Five Spice, the Chinese’s cuisine “wonder powder” is a magical blend that brings food to life with it’s sweet, spicy & vibrant complementary yet contrasting flavors, a dash goes a long way! Made of five main spices, the number also refers to the five flavor groups, sweet, bitter, salty, sour & umami.

The uses of the Athene Spices are only limited by your imagination. So, imagine away, tease and tantalize your tastebuds. 

How to use

Use Wuxiang Five Spice as seasoning, marinade, dry rub & condiment in all types of food.  A staple in Chinese cooking, it’s often used in a technique called “flavour potting”, where meat is steeped in a rich sauce and cooked for long hours. Great with fried chicken, roast duck & ribs. Mix with salt, dip pieces of juicy meat into this seasoned salt for flavor punch.

Store in a cool, dry place.