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Lebanese Za'atar from Athene Spice Lab

Lebanese Za'atar from Athene Spice Lab

So how does one use za'atar?  I've seen it used as a paste, mixed with olive oil, the  quintessential favorite of bread dipped in good extra virgin oil then rolled in za'atar or as a rub on poultry or sprinkled in some labneh (thick strained yogurt).

My favorite is to douse a good measure of olive oil over Lebanese bread, generously sprinkle with za'atar and bake in a hot oven, a quick and simple middle eastern pizza! Even though it is an herb blend, za'atar is mostly used as a condiment, pretty much anything goes with this multi-purpose spice and once you have a taste of its bright, woodsy and nutty flavor I know you will get creative with how you use your za'atar!


To order your za'atar, please email to or text/WhatsApp +(6)012-4705657

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